Year 2016 is Almost Here

Hello again everyone. New Years is right around the corner! Literally only 2 days away. Wow 2015 went by so fast. I need to start thinking about what my New Years resolutions are going to be. I hope to have a lot more time next year to really devote to this website. If you’re reading this shoot me a message on the contact page or leave a comment below. I’d like to hear what your new years resolutions are and what topics you are interested in!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Short post here guys but I am just really excited about this website! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Guess what!? New years is right around the corner. Hope you have fantastic new years plans and have some good resolutions. I am creating a contact page now so you can get in touch with me any time for beauty tips!

Hair Product

There are many beauty products for your hair out there. If you’ve ever been to Walmart and walked along the shampoo aisles you know what I am talking about. Rows and rows of product and it is very difficult to figure out what you could possibly want. I will tell you right now most of that stuff in stores is absolute crap. Filled with chemicals that could actually damage your hair and make it look worse than it should. I would suggest at the very least go to an trustworthy online store and find something that is a step up from all those. Or read this website and find out the best of the best products to really take care of your doo. Even though your hair is dead (you didn’t know that did you!?) the hair follicle is constantly producing. That hair follicle is located below your scalp tissue and you need to take just as good care of it as your actual hairs. If you use crappy shampoo or conditioner or deep conditioner those chemicals may sit in your hair follicles and damage them for good. Nobody wants that! Get something with all natural ingredients, you can’t go wrong.

Juice Beauty

One of my favorite websites of all natural, organic beauty products is Juice Beauty. You can’t go wrong buying stuff from there. That is it for now ladies, Happy Holidays.

Health and Beauty 101

Hello y’all first post here. Yes we say y’all still down in the South. I hope you all will enjoy my beauty blog. I live in the United States (Texas) and I have some free time on my hands. I thought why not make a blog where I could share with readers what actually works. So here I am. My husband found this domain name and he said it was a “good one” whatever that means! I don’t really know all that technical stuff. It is actually the day after Christmas but I thought why not get my new years resolution started early! I didn’t think it would be this easy to get online and have my own website. But with a little help here it is. It is basically like typing into Microsoft Word lol.

So here’s my first post I hope you guys enjoy it. I am basically going to talk about beauty 101 here. Also I will talk about how health and beauty go hand in hand. Honestly if you are not fit and do not have a healthy diet your beauty is going to take a toll. Any time you are overweight or eating bad stuff your skin is going to feel it. Stress also will damage your skin and hair. If you’re having issues with your hair I would suggest trying Nioxin shampoo and conditioner. One of my friends recommended the product to me. This hair loss website has a good review about Nioxin.

I’ll tell you the first step of health and beauty is always is making sure you have a healthy diet. Lots of vegetables lots of fruit probably like your parents used to tell you lol. Keep it simple. If you need to there are plenty of calorie counter apps on smart phones which is a really good idea to get in touch with your self and be real about what you are eating. My Fitness Pal by UnderArmour is an easy app to use and I highly recommend it I’ve been using it myself for awhile.

So step 2 of course is beauty. Looking pretty is going to make you feel good outside and inside. We all know its true and after we get some nice clothes from the latest shopping trip we feel good in that new outfit. Once you’ve got your body taken care of and are fit and skinny beauty really comes down to 5 major things:

  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Skin
  • Clothing
  • Make-up

This blog is going to tell you how to do a complete makeover. So always come back and see what is new! I will start an email list soon so you should look to get on that and I will send you updates when I make another post.