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Instructions On How to Diminish Facial Lines & Wrinkles Using Glycolic Acid!!

These instructions are intended for your use to diminish facial lines and  improve skin texture. If you find your skin is too sensitive and can't tolerate the higher level of glycolic acid, you can stick with the lower level where you feel comfortable or discontinue use if you find your skin can't tolerate glycolic acid.

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This is a daily regimen, it requires time and effort. It will be well worth your effort, if you stick with it. You are going to be increasing the strength of AHAs gradually. You will find it easy to implement once you get into the routine.

Take a photograph of your face, make sure it's nicely in focus and without makeup, before starting. So later on you will be able to see the progress you've made.

Make sure you start every application to clean healthy skin that has been gently washed with this mild unscented cleanser (Reviva 2% Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser # G185). Pat dry.

Start with a 5% Glycolic Acid Renaissance Cream #G381. Most everyone is tolerant to a 5% AHA and with the easy progression way we are going to increase the strength you'll do fine. Never apply to broken skin or after shaving.

Apply your 5% Glycolic Acid Cream #G381  to cover the entire face sparingly avoiding the eyelids and lower margins of the eyes for the first one to two weeks. Do this once a day for two weeks. As your skin becomes less sensitive, gradually apply tiny amounts to the lids and close to the lower margins being very careful not to get the cream in the eyes. It is usually better to start this in the morning so that moving your face on your pillow during sleep won't rub any of the product into the eyes. You may also use this on your neck if you desire.

After a few days, you will notice an improvement in your skin texture ...a more, pliable, elastic, resilient feel ...that your skin feels younger. This will continue and improve even more as you continue your regimen. Eventually, however, at either this strength, or the higher strength which you will work up to, if you do not use the Cream Hydratante #R312, (Specifically for moisture nourishment) you may experience some dryness and flaking and/or increased pinkness of your skin, especially after you increase the strength of your AHA. This is normal and will pass.

Dryness and flaking can also occur if you get lax about using your regimen every day. This doesn't  mean you should stop. This is a good sign, and means that the product is working daily to peel off old thickened layers of skin. You will notice that using your Glycolic Acid Cream daily helps keep the skin supple, and softens and removes the flaking skin quickly.

If desired, you may apply your favorite makeup after five minutes. Your new skin will be much more light sensitive. Therefore, be sure you are using either a makeup with sun-blocking power of at least SPF of 25 Reviva Sun Protective Moisturizer SPF 25 #R296.

After two weeks, you will know whether you
are tolerating the regimen and the first strength (mild) glycolic acid preparation. If you can commit to this regimen long-term, and you have had no adverse reactions to your 5% cream, you are ready to move up to the 10 % Glycolic Acid Cream.

Add the Beta Hydroxy Cream #B308 by itself at bedtime. Use the same amount as you use of the Glycolic Acid in the morning.  Do this for one full week while continuing the Glycolic Acid in the morning.  After 7 days, if you are still doing ok continue for another 7 days. Still doing okay?

If so, then from now on your bedtime regimen of Beta Hydroxy will not change, but it's time to increase the strength of your Glycolic Acid.  It should have been four weeks since starting the Glycolic Acid, so now we should be ready to move up to the 10% Glycolic Acid Cream #G383. Begin using this strength every morning in the same fashion. If at any time, areas of your face experience burning or stinging lasting longer than a minute, return to using the lower strength for two more weeks. 

After four weeks of using the10% Glycolic Acid Cream #383 non-stop once a day you are ready to try using it twice a day, in the morning as well as the evening. It is at this higher strength of using it twice a day (dropping the Beta Hydroxy Cream) that you will notice a greater improvement in your skin texture and the anti-wrinkle properties are more clearly visible. You will need to continue using this strength indefinitely. You can't imagine how wonderful your skin is going to look if you can stick to this regimen each day. 

It is important to retake your photograph, after 6 months and 12 months, of your routine. This will show you the progress you have made.

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